Blue Dream VST Midi Keyboard


Blue Dream VST Midi Keyboard – The most powerful virtual midi keyboard ever!

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The most powerful virtual VST Midi keyboard ever!

Blue Dream VST Midi Keyboard – is a velocity and screen aftertouch sensitive  onscreen virtual midi keyboard.
It is the only keyboard with key latching function and ability to record mouse clicks on its keys to host sequencer with velocity and pitchbend or other controller you assign to key sliding action with mouse. 
Attention! It is not a hardware, physical plastic-and-metal keyboard – it is a software virtual keyboard in the form of VST plugin (.dll), which can be used to control any musical software.
Have two latching modes – additive where you can compose complex cords and backgrounds and exclusive when only one key is active at a time. Great for triggering sequences – no need to hold a key with fingers. Instantly dial any required program and bank or even browse them via XY pad. 
Two freely assignable XY pads which can send not only CC but Control Messages too. Aftertouch on keys can send almost any midi control message too.
Can have any color which is saved and recalled with presets. 
 Available as a VST plugin and standalone app. Put yourself in control.
To control software from standalone version, a virtual midi cable (e.g. MidiYoke) is required.
This software has a built in update checker. First photo in this listing shows its actual current look, as software is constantly updated and gets new features added.
This app has a license which can be activated on up to 3 computers and will work as demo on an unauthorized PC. You should activate for each PC separately for free.
See it on Youtube:
You can download the demo version (which works for 5 minutes) of this app from its youtube video description (see above) ant test it on your system before buying. If it suits your needs, then send me the machine code which demo displays upon start in vst host, and I will send you an unlock code after you buy this item here.
Also it has the following type of licensing:
Offline delayed license  – your PC should be online when you start the app to verify license at least for 185 days since date of purchase for any disputes to timeout. After 185 days software will be  permanently  activated and will not need the Internet connection. 
This app can be returned and fully refunded within 3 days after purchase only if it was a version with no source files.


If you have specific questions about the suitability of a product for your needs, you should contact us via Forum VST section on this website. If you have purchased a physical or a download package and it has arrived damaged, we will replace it with another one. Please contact Customer Support via Forum VST section on this website.

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