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It lets you to view and analyse overall market situation:  volatility and bar size / direction from all pairs shown in Market View window or typed in manually or from open charts.



MarketStatsExplorer 1.0  – is the new unique and experimental stats indicator ea for Metatrader4. It does not trade itself, instead it lets you to view and analyse market situation:  volatility and bar size / direction from all pairs shown in Market View window or typed in manually or from open charts. Very useful to find correlations, for example, how Gold reacts to USD or Brent oil. It gives you a “bird eye” view from a single chart on many currency pairs at once. No more need switching tabs in terminal. You can also combine both views into one hybrid view where volatility dots are placed over bars. You can scale view of both indicators independently or at once to fit a tiny corner, change a price value scale, etc, see screensots with all the settings.

It can display volatility as color dots, the bigger candle is – the bigger dot. Also you can get info on how big in points was that bar by a floating mouse tips. The EA shows stats for a selected number of price bars. Those on the screen are for 100 bars setting. The timeframe is used of the current chart, on which it is running. EA updates its info every new bar of the selected timeframe it is run on.

It was made as an EA intentionally, for future integration with some trade logic based on market stats. 

Please note that EA locks used pairs from Market View, and while you can add new pairs without deleting EA from chart, to hide unused pairs you have to delete the EA from it.

If you buy this unique EA with source code you can modify and explore EA’s algorithms, or you can get its compiled version (.ex4 file) which can be modified only in its settings, but not the trade algorithm.

Both EA versions come with a huge, opensource and useful library – MyLib with many ready to use trade functions, including working with PC registry for storing/exchanging data.

After payment made you can download this EA from this page or download section of your account within 7 days and 5 times. 

Please note: only 4-digit brokers were tested and ex4 version may require internet connection and access to this website (add to Firewall exclusion) for license activation.
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