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Cheapest FOREX VPS service 12$ / year for stable automated trading 24/7/365

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We are the first who is offering Forex traders a Linux (LXDE desktop) based Forex VPS accounts on a shared VPS for trading with Metatrader starting from just 1$ / month! Servers are located in USA. Accessible through any device on any platform, even your smartphone. You can run and backtest any EA you run on your desktop. Great for trading strategies testing purposes. Or if you want to have a remote PC always accessible with uninterrupted power supply and internet connection.

 Compatible with most Windows trading software, but only Metatradader was tested.

There are 4 Plans:
Plan 1 12$/ 12 months allows running only 1 Metatrader terminal at once. 
Plan 2 12$/ 6 months – 2 terminals
Plan 3 12$/ 3 months – 4 terminals
Plan 4 12$/ 1 month – 8 terminals. 
VPS accounts setup is currently not automated, so after buying you will be given an email where you should send your desired login / password (8 – letter limited).
For getting support please use VPS forum section.

Quick instructions

1. Download VNC viewer for Windows and install it.
2. Using VNC viewer login to your account and using VPS web browser go to your broker site and download Metatrader 4.
3. Make downloaded file executable by setting execute bit in its properties and install it. Copy its shortcut from VPS desktop to VPS’ autostart folder.
4. Login to your Webmin (locally, not from VPS) account and go to upload and download section. Upload your EA to MT’s Experts directory and restart terminal.

Detailed instructions:

VNC viewer setup step-by-step instruction:
1. Google “vnc viewer for Windows” (or any other operating system you have) or download this file on our website.
2. In viewer’s address input field (VNC viewer:) input ip address followed by semicolon and port number, and click Connect.
3. When prompted password input  (type it manually – DO NOT copy & paste – sometimes it fails) your password.
4. Download MT setup file from your broker somewhere on your vps desktop, right click it and select Wine Windows Program Loader from menu. Then
Install normally. Don’t forget to copy MT shortcut to autostart folder (see file explorer) .

EA files upload instruction:

1. Go to Webmin (webinterface) URL and login.
2. Go to Other section -> Upload and Download -> Upload to server
Or you can use Java based File Manager
3. Select file(s) to upload (

and select destination directory on server (

. Where Your EA should be uploaded

. Click Upload.

4. Restart MT terminal.
More info is at our Forum VPS section
But please note: we will not allow any illegal usage of our services and server – no website hacking, porn hosting, weapon and drug trafficking. Any such activity will be blocked and account deleted without money refund. 
After buying we will send you  your VPS account details, just 

Additional information

Select your VPS Plan:

Plan 1, Plan 2, Plan 3, Plan 4


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